What We Do

Eastern Bay of Plenty Riding for the Disabled (EBOP RDA) is a non-profit organisation. We are one of 54 groups that operate under the umbrella of all NZRDA.

EBOP RDA receives no government funding and relies on fundraising and the generosity of the community to ensure we are able to provide a high level of service to our riders.

We provide therapeutic riding sessions for people with disabilities. At any given time we have over 80 riders attending our sessions. Ages range from 5 to 60+ years.

For the young of age with a physical disability this not only means physical therapy appropriate to their condition, but the opportunity to partake of an activity that crosses physical barriers and gives them a mobility more in keeping with able bodied children their own age.

Children with a non-physical disability such as those diagnosed with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder also benefit from the physical aspects of riding but for them the relationship with the horse comes to the fore.

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Our adult riders who may be dealing with the day to day struggles of a debilitating disease encompass all of the above; and for all of our riders it can mean a massive boost in confidence and self- esteem.

Therapeutic riding sessions are conducted four days a week and are planned and facilitated by trained Coaches, with the assistance of our volunteers.

Participation in our sessions sees riders increase in confidence, improve their balance and strength, and learn horse mastership skills. Others may reach independence and be able to enjoy riding as a recreation or sport. The skills they learn will spill over into everyday life.

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